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Actovegin® Tablets


1 box x 50 tablets


Actovegin®Tablets is a preparation containing low molecular weight peptides and amino acid derivatives.

Actovegin®Tablets is prepared by dialysis and ultra-filtration.

Actovegin®Tablets accelerates wound healing of different etiology, trophic disorders (bed sore), burns and radiation damages.

At the molecular level Actovegin®Tablets increases oxygen utilization and consumption (increases resistance to hypoxia), increases energy metabolism and glucose uptake.

Actovegin®Tablets stimulates glucose transport to the brain cells, possesses insulin-like action, increases intra-cellular amount of glucose and improves oxidative metabolism.

The Actovegin®Tablets also improves morphological, biochemical indexes, increases the concentration of DNA, hemoglobin and hydroxy-proline.

Actovegin®Tablets is pure deproteinized calf blood extract.

Actovegin®Tablets improves the oxygen utilization and nutrient intake. Such processes are favored requiring more oxygen, such as wound healing.

Actovegin®Tablets also increases blood supply to the heart's tissue areas.

Actovegin®Tablets is highly recommended for the treatment of cerebral metabolic and circulatory.

Continuation of injection or perfusion treatments of metabolic and cerebral circulatory disorders using the Actovegin®Tablets:

In the absence of medical prescriptions, strictly follow these doses :

1-2 Actovegin®Tablets should be taken with liquid before meals.

2 Actovegin®Tablets three times a day.

The Actovegin®Tablets should be administered over a period of 4-6 weeks.

The Actovegin®Tablets should not be used if the patient is allergic to Actovegin knows or similar drugs.

During pregnancy Actovegin®Tablets 200 mg will be administered only on prescription.

There are no contraindications for use the Actovegin®Tablets during lactation.

No interactions nor tolerance had been observed so far.

Actovegin®Tablets is strictly off limits for people who are allergic to protein free hemo derivative extract from calf blood.

If you have or suspect any of the bellow mentioned conditions, then it is best to consult a doctor before taking Actovegin®Tablets:

heart failure,

pulmonary edema,

low output of urine due to kidney injury (Oliguria), 

none passage of urine (Anuria), 

drinking too much water (hyper-hydration), 


high blood glucose or if you are pregnant.

Before taking Actovegin®Tablets it is advisable to consult your physician and explain to him the treatments or medicines you are currently taking and also get a prescription from your doctor before starting any new drug. This is to make sure that the combination of the two drugs is safe.

Actovegin®Tablets should not be used without prior approval of a licensed doctor and don't share these Actovegin®Tablets with anybody else.

Actovegin®Tablets are made for specific conditions and it's not advisable to use for other purposes.

Please keep all medicinal drugs, needles, syringes and other such medical substances out of the reach of children.

Please tell your doctor if you become pregnant during treatment with Actovegin®Tablets .

Do not keep Actovegin®Tablets at temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius.

Check the expiration date on the Actovegin®Tablets box.

Keep Actovegin®Tablets out of the reach of children!

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